2 options for your band saw purchasing considerations

Around a year past RIDGID delivered me their venerable BS1400 best band saw. This tool was available since roughly 2001 therefore it’s in tens of thousands of shops across the united states. It’s functioned many woodworkers as a saw but with just a tiny bit of work it’s possible to make it simpler.

The Ridgid band saw was discontinued to make way for its brand new version coming in the foreseeable future however, that also the market has them to get a good price usually. For tools I favor Craigslist over e bay but paper classifieds or even the bulletin board in the community timber supplier might be good places. Some of the guidelines affect additional band saw models as if you never have a saw, that is fine, this guide will be for you.


Lots of those steps involve sticking with your hands in portions of this saw. To receive it ready you will find always certainly a couple of things which should be done.


Lots of saws in this type boat using rubber band saw tires which may become brittle and crack with time. The solution is to exchange the rubber tires. Tires will probably always be tender and supple minus the rubber ones with the years. They are sometimes seen on the community resource shop or Amazon.

Link Belt

Such as the tires, lots of saws in this type boat using a rubberized V-belt. This belt may function as saw for a long time in a few cases when the buckle has been flexed or bent in its transportation container.

Every time that this bulge runs across the pulleys a vibration is introduced by it. This shaking may shake the saw. The way to it is that a belt. A V-belt just such as the initial is nice, In the event that it’s possible to fit the size. There could be the hyperlink belt the solution, In the event that you fail to locate a fantastic game. I discovered mine in Rockler however, Amazon has its Band saw belt.

Quality Blades

That really is the way my saw looks now. Fence and riser block attached.

Odds are when you’ve experienced your saw or picked up it properly used, then the stock blade has been gone. It can be the time for you to kick it When it’s still wrapped . Stock blades may have a kink out of so the weld or shipping can be really actually only just a modest perceptible or it might possibly be wrong for your endeavor.

An excellent blade wont possess any difficulties. I utilize Wood Slicer blades are used by Olson AllPro blades from Rockler and Todd. These two will provide you better results compared to the usual stock blade also are quality manufacturers.

Evaluation of the Saw

These 3 repairs can genuinely help improve the performance of this saw and cut back vibration, however, it might have a small amount of additional tweaking and testing to get every thing right.

New blades can take various levels of strain in relation to the blade that is older, and that means you are going to need to experiment somewhat bit. If you believe vibration is an issue stiffening of this saw framework could be critical. I included several items of plywood into the framework to do away with the vibration which has been present when that a base was inserted by me.

At a future article I will present a few of accessories which will produce the 14″ course of saw much better. I have included a riser block along with also a cookie with saw manual to my RIDGID band saw and it will cut 12″ logs.

Cheaper, but as Good option

Milwaukee Tool Corporation recently published a fresh lineup of band-saws which boast deliver best-in-class power,improved cut visibility and also a’s biggest cut capacity.

Based on Andrew Plowman,Milwaukee Product Manager, that brand new saw lineup has fresh layouts which offer twice times that the durability compared to contest. ” Externally, the Job Site Armor™ Technology consists of a proprietary composite material and conquer zone barriers to consume influences.

Internally, a metal guide drive system offers tool life and requires servicing compared to the series drive substitute. A gear protecting clutch expands motor and gear life by absorbing high impact forces due to blade lock ups, and also the completely sealed design of this guide driveway protects the interior gears in debris and water contamination as time passes.”

The brand newest Milwaukee saws include new patent-pending engine technology which packs more aluminum in a reduced quantity of space. 1 thing that I heard at the Milwaukee networking event that is current would be that copper means greater power!

This engine technology also permits a far thinner motor weighing 14.5 pounds, these saws are just 3 pounds lighter compared to the current models, include a LED light and also a tool-free locking flexible shoe which enables an individual to quickly fix from an elongated shoe.

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