How to choose the most effective productivity tools for your business

Various productivity tools are available to help you manage your work more effectively. Some of these tools can track your time, create to-do lists, and organize your tasks. Others may help you communicate with team members or clients more efficiently.

Choose the productivity tools that work best for you and your workflow. Experiment with different tools and find the ones that help you get your work done more efficiently.


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Tools for time management productivity

It should be no surprise that time management solutions are all about managing time! They make it simpler for you to monitor how much time an individual spends on a task or project so they can best organize their workdays.

These resources help team members prioritize their tasks more effectively. Using time management systems, managers may rapidly determine how productive each person is by calculating how long it takes them to complete specific activities.

Let’s take the scenario where an individual must complete five deliverables in an eight-hour workday. They may avoid wasting time and finish everything on their checklist by outlining how much time to commit to each task.

Consider using the following time management tools for your business:


You may track productivity using this time-tracking tool by tracking how long team members take to accomplish assigned tasks. Either time tracking can be done manually or automatically using the timer mode. This is a great approach to determining whether you’re wasting time on irrelevant tasks.



RescueTime is an application that can be downloaded and installed on desktop PCs, Android, Apple iPhones, and Windows/macOS/iOS devices. It keeps track of how much time is spent on various apps. With this information, you can identify the areas of your day where you waste time (such as scrolling through TikTok).


Toggle is more than just a timer. You can create reports of employee hours and team progress with this app. This is excellent for providing supervisors with a summary of who is doing what (and how long it takes them to complete it).


Project management productivity tools

Project management systems make planned, organized, and staged project tracking more straightforward. A project schedule can be made by managers, who can then assign deliverables to various team members while monitoring their progress toward the completion of each milestone.

Supervisors can benefit from project management tools since they give them a simple way to monitor the development of their employees. Workers can also gain from streamlined cooperation because they can communicate with others working on a project using the tool.

For illustration, suppose a manager is interested in the status of a specific deliverable. Without a project management tool, they might need to consult the individual in charge of that deliverable, which would cause them to stop working (and concentrating). However, if the employee updates their status in the project management application, the manager can check there without interruptions.


The following project management tools may be helpful to your company:



Trello is a web application that enhances teamwork. To-do lists, status updates, and project tracking are all made by team members using digital boards. Additionally, they can communicate by commenting or voting on concepts. Some helpful connectors are available on Trello, such as Gmail and Google Calendar.



Asana is a flexible project and task management tool that works well for multiple purposes. The workspaces can track projects, assign deliverables, and make task-simplifying templates. A chat feature and file sharing capabilities might also enhance collaboration. A smartphone app is also available.


By granting numerous users access to a single project board, Todoist makes it simple to manage projects. Users can check in with one another and measure their productivity. Planning for the future is made more accessible by the ability to add tasks as recurring or one-time assignments.


Tools for managing emails and websites

Do you recall before email and the internet were commonplace in the workplace? Yeah, neither do we. Nowadays, almost every business relies heavily on the internet for daily operations.

There are productivity tools available to assist with managing email and the web. For instance, browser extensions allow users to check whether emails have been received. Knowing when a follow-up email or phone call is necessary (or not), people can avoid wasting time and effort.


Check out these tools for managing emails and websites:

Correct Inbox

This Gmail add-on is comparable to a tiny spy. It makes email scheduling easier, sends follow-up emails to people who don’t respond, and allows you to monitor who has viewed your emails. Emails can also have notes added to them.



This is a versatile messaging application that works with your email. It facilitates file sharing, reducing the number of long, annoying email threads (and on and on). Popular programs like Gmail and Microsoft Outlook can be integrated with Fleep.



A must-have tool if you utilize Google Workspace is this one. It enables you to visualize your email usage to determine how much time is wasted on pointless emails. For example, you can obtain statistics on the typical email response time, which is essential for customer care representatives.

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