Pharmaceutical Companies That Would Be Great To Work For

The pharmaceutical business is now experiencing extreme amounts of growth. This steady growth is expected, partly, to an aging people needing complex medications. Recently, growth has accelerated further involving pressure to build pathogens associated with COVID-19.

Since the industry develops, so will the requirement for qualified individuals to go into the career industry.

Pharmaceutical industry employees report high job satisfaction and wages well above the federal average, earning the ordinary industry wages of only over $90,000 each year. Contemplating the optimistic career prognosis and ample benefits offered over the market, it’s clear that pharmaceutical tech is just really actually a smart career choice.

If you should be thinking of a career within the pharmaceutical industry, research our set of top pharmaceutical businesses to think about in 2021 and also our hints to raise your probability to get hired.


Founded over 170 decades back from Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart at Brooklyn, New York,” Pfizer is just one of the planet’s biggest pharmaceutical businesses, employing approximately 88,000 individuals. The business features a sizable portfolio greater than 350 products, for instance, favorite medication Lipitor and the newly-developed Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Year in, year out, Pfizer receives fame to get a high workplace both inside the business and also on a bigger scale. The business was ranked #39 at Glassdoor’s Greatest Places to Work 2021 and has been appointed the ninth-best company for new graduates at 2020 from Forbes.

Internal growth and development are at the heart of Pfizer’s civilization. Present-day employees complement Pfizer’s people-oriented strategy. If asked why she picked Pfizer,” R&D Director Pamela Pegman reacted, “This had been the individuals who attracted me ”

The impressive benefits supplied by the company further reflect the organization’s commitment to its own employees.

As a business partner, Pfizer expands co-op and internship chances to Northeastern University pharmaceutical sciences students.


Novartis has been created in 1996 through a merger of Ciba geigy along with Sandoz using the objective of developing new services and services which contribute to individual advancement by improving health.

According to Switzerland, the company produces a number of drugs that are popular, develops gene treatments for neurological disorders, also conducts Immuno Oncology research.

Novartis currently ranks Number 4 at Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Businesses Pharmaceutical Industry listing and has been appointed one of those Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the Environment by the Boston Consulting Group in 2020.

The business takes pride in its own people as its biggest advantage. Novartis presents extensive benefits to its own employees, for example, 14 weeks minimum paid parental leave, an elastic remote employment option, and also a consistent education partnership with Coursera, allowing employees to study on more than 190 schools global.

Back in September, 2020the Novartis US Foundation announced a $25 million devotion to deal with health inequalities within the USA, strengthening the organization’s mission to “improve and expand people’s lifestyles ”

Students signed up for Northeastern University’s pharmaceutical research apps, like the master’s in pharmaceutical research, like co-op chances with Novartis as of this as well as other locations worldwide.

Bristol Myers-Squibb

After discovering a demand for high quality drugs throughout his ten decades of the job as a physician to the U.S. Navy,” Dr. Edward R. Squibb recognized what would later be understood as Bristol Myers-Squibb.

The business spent just over $6 billion dollars in R&D at 2019 and proceeds to maximize its investment every year.

The company also welcomes its funds back into its own employees, which explains just the reason why Bristol Myers-Squibb ranked #78 at Glassdoor’s Greatest Places to Work 2021. Employees enjoy enticing benefits, including three weeks’ minimum paid holiday, and undergraduate scholarships to children of employees, childcare providers, and also onsite high-end services like automobile detailing and massage.

People of all backgrounds are invited to combine with the Bristol Myers-Squibb team. Diversity reaches the center of the provider’s assignment. Females account for only over 50-percent of their Bristol Myers-Squibb workforce, also approximately 30 percent of their provider’s employees are minorities.

Based on Stan, an associate of this Strategic Operations team,”[In BMS], Diversity is not only sex or race. It has a diversity of one’s skills, and people come with diverse thoughts, plus so they change matters ”

Besides this nyc headquarters, Bristol Myers-Squibb has search centers worldwide, including 2 at Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Is just another one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, ranking #6-9 from the 20 20 Fortune 500 list by sales.

In 1891, George Merck created the enterprise to distribute compounds all through new york. Today, the firm concentrates on developing vaccines and drugs to treat cancer and infectious diseases like HIV and Ebola.

At most company centers, employees create a scheduled appointment to find a healthcare practitioner onsite, like walking paths and physical exercise gyms and take advantage of on-site cleaning.

Diversity and inclusion will be at the forefront of both all Merck’s surgeries. Merck reported the 51 percent of all new hires had been female in 2018 and that the company now does business using 15,000 diverse providers worldwide.

Celeste Warren, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion,” admits who “Diversity and addition have the capacity to alter our civilization, drive business results and progress our institution’s mission to improve and save lives all over the globe.”

Merck’s world headquarters is located at Kenilworth, New Jersey, however, the business also includes two Massachusetts centers: The Cambridge Exploratory Science Center and also a multi-disciplinary research center in Boston.

The institute intends to make use of genomics to understand the illness and develop new treatments and treatment plans.

If you should be a curious individual that loves working with a team, you are going to fit in at the Broad Institute. The business civilization highlights collaborating with coworkers to give particular notions. Employees also called “Broadies,” have been invited to pursue mentorship and training opportunities to aid the other person in professional and personal improvement.


Biogen, whose research focuses on treating and preventing neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and ALS, has been set in 1978 among the planet’s earliest worldwide biotechnology businesses.

Biogen was called one of those World’s Best Companies from Forbes, also it’s really simple to find out why. The company appreciates its employees and is focused on promoting inclusion and diversity at work.

For its seventh successive year, Biogen was known as the ‘Ideal Place to Work’ to LGBTQ Equality in the U.S. by the Individual Rights Campaign, and also the company scored 100% on the 2020 Disability Equality Index (DEI) for its next year in a row.

Career and development preparation is a large attendance at Biogen, at which employees are invited to work together with their managers to develop a development program. Biogen urges employees to “work ” and “discover more,” always trying to function better.

Biogen’s headquarters is currently really just a 325,000 center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, plus in addition, they have centers in neighboring Waltham and Weston, Massachusetts.


Sanofi,” SynthĂ©labo, Hoechst, and Rhone Poulenc Rorer came over an interval of a century to become what is currently called Sanofi at 2004.

Now, Sanofi could be the ninth-largest Bio-Medical company in the world by sales, selling over 4.5 million units of pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare products and services and solutions, and vaccines from 2019. Sanofi’s subsidiary, Sanofi Pasteur, maybe the planet’s biggest company focused on chemical manufacturing.

Sanofi’s employees are patient-focused, encouraging the organization’s mission to enhance the lifestyles of people around the globe. Rachel Sibley, a Senior Account administration Analyst,” stocks who “employed by Sanofi from the infrequent disorder space, I’ve observed firsthand just how crucial it’s to deliver personalized support to your own patients. ”

Sanofi supplies its employee’s powerful health and health benefits, adoption and surrogacy help, tuition reimbursement, and usage of employee resource classes, plus even more. The company promotes its employees to pursue philanthropic actions, providing considerable volunteer opportunities and also a generous matching gift application.

Even though Sanofi’s headquarters is situated in Paris, the corporation has several different centers in the USA, including 2 at Framingham and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Assembling a Powerful Pharmaceutical Career

Each company with this list includes a particular set of qualifications and skills they search for in their own applicants. Still, on the website, there are particular measures that you can take to develop into a more desirable candidate for these prime pharmaceutical businesses.

An enhanced degree in pharmaceutical sciences, like for instance a Master at Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, or even Bio-Medical Science, may allow one to produce the relevant abilities necessary for success from the pharmaceutical industry and raise your odds of landing your dream project at these businesses.

Northeastern University’s experiential learning chances offer you real-world experience at a number of the very best businesses in Boston’s ever-growing biotechnology and pharmaceutical center. Find out about the way Northeastern University’s pharmaceutical tech and biotechnology programs are able to assist you to begin your career within the business.

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