PS4 Controller DualShock 4 Controller Review

Customized controls can be found in all sizes, shapes, and prices. They are often as easy as having a First Party gamepad at another color, or as complex as weeks painting and molding your own job.

The x box Elite Wireless Controller ($169.95 in Amazon) provides a few programming and mechanical personalization, however, it just comes in black.

If you want to customize your gamepad both visually and mechanically, and you also lack the time or skill to accomplish yourself, Controller Chaos may be the smartest choice for you personally.

Controller Chaos can be an organization it does not create gamepads but remakes them. Subsequently, it includes, optionally, an assortment of mods that will be able to assist you in playing certain first person shooters (browse: Challenge ).

Custom Options

Controller Chaos features custom controls with an extensive array of alternatives. You are able to get unique colors and finishes to different switches, your own control casing, and art to the pub.

You might also provide custom gamer tags and telephone hints written in fonts to the grips and rear of the control, of course, then you are able to change the analog face buttons and also sticks in the event that you need to have an amazing appearance. These are stock customization choices.

Controllers start at an average $89.95 price, together with individual customizations that range from $4.98 to $29.98.

You are also able to shell out a supplementary $19.98 for a hard, zip-up circumstance, also even $12.98 for a 10-foot cloth-wrapped USB cable to use with this control.

Controller Chaos moved beyond the conventional options and designed a habit DualShock 4 designed for PCMag. Even the gamepad includes a glistening black backplate and also a combination red and white front, with your website name published on the signature pad.

It’s really a stunning and one of a kind style and layout and style, though getting an entirely customized paint project similar to this can likely be more expensive than using the typical choice of options (where there certainly really are an incredibly generous number).

The custom paint project apart, the PCMag gamepad will cost $219.75 with most of the current mod and design options comprised.

Quality and Design

Past the appearance, the customized made design Chaos DualShock 4 seems exemplary. The casing of this gamepad is really actually just a plastic which seems solid in front and solid, and somewhat more agreeable to the touch compared to the DualShock 4.

PlayStation switches, along with the X, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle activates, and are manufactured from the glistening plastic as well as the sticks, management pad texture equal to people in the stock control.

Automatically, the customized control works like a typical DualShock 4. When you press on the play-station button and then plug it, it automatically pairs with the machine for play and then enrolls being a DualShock 4.

Controller Chaos recommends with its gamepads solely using their gaming apparatus that is intended, however, there is absolutely no reason that you can not join blue tooth and drivers and your habit DualShock 4.


Laps could be just superficial. Controller Chaos packed our DualShock 4 with all the Master Mod of a company, and supports custom mods into the control circuitry. It’s some of those 10 most well-known mods custom PS4 controllers offers, for example, Quick Reload, Jump/Drop Shot, and QuickFire.

Every one the mods are for first-person shooters and all may be viewed adulterous. The mods manipulate control inputs to make the most of the mechanisms that are certain in games.

Controller Chaos asserts the mods won’t appear as unfaithful apparatus when playing online, because they modified inputs provided for the game platform, and perhaps maybe never any form of hacking performed involving your device and the game servers. All these mods are convenient, but they are sportsman-like or fair.

Rapidfire has become easily the mod. Out a trigger pull that is constant turns in to a collection of activating pulls that are rapid, turning firearms into firearms. It may be harsh if combined in combination with a pistol that is highly effective. Jump/Drop Shot is dirtier.

It makes once you fire you move or jump to a position. Your shots throw off, however, it makes it tough for opponents. Fast Reload abuses reload animations’ time for several games to knock your weapon.

You’re able to correct mods to fit your game and play with style. Rapidfire provides timing options and that means it’s possible to find the shots at the period of time.

Whenever you take, jump/Drop Shot may be put to force you to jump or shed, when shooting while scoped, also you may disable it. Fast re-load has lots of alternatives in the event the default option setting is letting once reloading, you cheat.

The mods are displayed at the edge of this gamepad underneath the connector. Even though you begin piling up them you need to consult with the manual each mod includes its very unique position and color.

All mods that were installed are commanded with a Mod button put on the bottom of this gamepad. It’s really a very small rubber nub that you likely won’t media inadvertently, when found along with the head buttons, management pad, and activates, you’ll be able to disable and enable respective mods in the will.

The lights may flash a definite amount of times to demonstrate that the setting number (that, once more, you are going to need to learn the manual to comprehend ).

Ostensibly Cheating

Because I have crushed pretty faithfully inside it, Most the different players must’ve been unfaithful, too. While my skills weren’t up into this endeavor, the mods functioned. Rapid-fire having a pistol can be actually really a combination that is strong.

And if the Jump/Drop Shot interrupted my aim worse, it could be practical to a player and also served alright. Speedy Scope fired as I zoomed in with my range, which will be convenient if utilizing a weapon.

Fast Reload did not work when reloading, I kept copying the cartoon and carrying hours as opposed to less. Such a mod is special to certain games, plus it does not assist black-ops III, though Controller Chaos says it works together with CallofDuty: Modern Warfare 3.

You may trust the mods to get the job done but do not rely on the ones that are glitch-abusing to do the job well with everyone your games, if not almost all of these.

Controller Chaos can be actually really just a wonderful solution to find yourself a fully customized DualShock 4 (or even x-box One Wireless Controller, or Wii-U Pro Controller) designed to your own specifications, with all the precise design and trustworthiness of First Party controls.

It can become very pricey based on which you would like (and also a fully custom design such as our PCMag DualShock 4 is really just a distinctive endeavor perhaps maybe not directly offered in the Controller Chaos site), and also a wealthy customized made gamepad can very quickly eclipse the x box Elite Wireless Controller at price.

In the event, you are a serious, competitive gamer that is based on a gamepad and wishes to make it your personal, though, you’re going to be receiving a brand new overhaul to some specifications which probably feels and looks a lot much better than anything else you may do.

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