Secret Things To Know About Clash of Clans Game

Sometimes, I need to remind myself to quit playing a video games. Some games can be addictive and you want to become richer, more powerful, or better. These games are easy enough to learn how to play. The problem lies in creating a strategy that combines the basic elements.

These games keep me entertained all night because I am constantly second-guessing myself.

This game is Clash of Clans. Given the popularity of the game, it’s not surprising that I’m not alone in this boat.

These Clash of Clans Naver bot secrets can help you win against your opponents, no matter how long you have played. Although I’m not an expert in the game, I have learned so much from playing it and reading so many tips and tricks that I feel compelled to share them. You will find that you have learned a few things by the end.

The tips listed below are for beginners as well as experts. So make sure you only use the ones that apply to your level. You may not be aware of the following topics: Gem strategy, offense vs. defense, bonuses, Clash of Clans base strategies, and gem strategy.

“Friendship is considered the most important test of character. We believe it is easy to be loyal to your family and clan whose blood is in your own blood.” – Charles Eastman

Before we dive into the details of the best secrets of CoC, I would like to give some warning about some other websites. Some sites may offer gems, elixirs, and other goodies. It may not matter if you fill out a survey, or if you have to download something to get the offer to work.

Many people comment that the files are viruses. If you download them, you’ll likely be infected. Supercell is the company behind Clash of Clans. It is worth a staggering $3 billion. Clash of Clans runs entirely on the server of Supercell. You already know that the third parties claiming to be part of the app are trying to bilk you. Don’t let it pass if it isn’t Supercell. Do your research to verify that it claims to have Supercell.

The games are not only being hosted on their servers but also means that they have to be vigilant for any third-party threats. You will be connecting to their server every time you open the app. Supercell will not allow you to trick their server into giving away a lot of gems or elixir. The app is very difficult to hack into and prevents anyone from taking a lot of gems. You might have found an exploit they don’t yet close, but they will soon. There may be repercussions for cheating them.

It also makes the game less enjoyable if you don’t get the resources as you should. C. S. Lewis stated that joy was not found in having a thing but in the pursuit of a thing. The joy of having a thing is gone. This is true for video games such as this. A large part of the enjoyment comes from building up and working towards a goal.

It’s not fun to have a button that instantly brings you to your goals (virus-laden, cheating). If you are honest, it makes a huge difference in how you play the game. These secrets will make it so you won’t feel pressured to trick the app.

The Clash of Clans Secrets That You Must Know

Let’s now get to the point. If you find this guide useful, please share it with friends and leave a comment below for more tips and tricks. Supercell is always updating the game. They add new units, spells, towers, and spells to the game, as well as new enemies, challenges, and threats. We, as players, should do our best to keep up with them. We can all help each other by sharing our tips and information.

Take Your Time

Many people, even Clashers, have difficulty with the first tip: Take your time upgrading. Make sure you have all your defenses and buildings in order. It is not a good idea to upgrade while your buildings are still undeveloped. My experience is that upgrading too fast can slow down your progress and leave your village vulnerable to attack.

Keep your elixir safe from attackers

Even if your village is plundering your village, there’s a way to keep your elixir safe. You can increase the number of troops you have in your barracks by putting more troops in them. Also, keep the queue full.

You can cancel any troops in the queue and get your elixir immediately. This is a good option if you are under attack and need to protect your resources. However, make sure you draw quickly before they attack you and take your elixirs.

Look for inactive players

It’s a smart idea to search for other players who have been inactive for some time. You may have to search for them if other players have already looted them. This is a well-kept secret. Look for other players who have gold mines and elixir collectors so you know you have something worthwhile when you loot them.

Try to look around for villages that have no League Assignment. This will make it easy to raid them and can sometimes prove very lucrative.

Your Shield should be used

If your town is more than 40% destroyed, you will get a 12-hour shield to help you recover. If your base is attacked to the point that it’s 90% or more, you will get a shorter shield of 4 hours. This is a great chance to build up your resources.

This is not the time to attack, but to build your army and defense towers to be ready for when the shield falls. You can always spend as much money as you want to make it look like you’re going to fall.

Get Your Revenge

Many players will not always take revenge, so they make use of this Clash of Clans trick that allows them to inspect a village. This is a great secret because you can use an opponent’s attack to your advantage. Revenge is sweet, after all.

You can basically view and analyze the village of your attacker whenever you wish. The only thing you have to do is wait for your attacker to stock up on resources before attacking them. You have the ability to surprise attack them at their most vulnerable time, i.e. You have the best looting resources.

Get rid of your Trophies

Although it might seem counterintuitive, dropping your trophies can help you be matched up against more difficult opponents. This is especially true when you lose a lot of games to your opponents. This is all about trading a small, temporary bonus for larger gains over the long term.

You should start a match with someone, and then drop your heroin. This will allow you to drop trophies and not sacrifice your troops or elixir. After you have done that, and before your hero is hurt, you should quickly end the match to ensure you lose. You will lose some of your trophies, and you can now play against easier foes.

Protect Yourself With Tons of Walls

It is a good defense strategy to create multiple walls and upgrade them quickly. It is important to upgrade wooden walls, especially if your enemies are higher-level. Your enemy will be less likely to attack if there are more walls around.

Dark Elixir

Drilling for dark elixir will give you the dark elixir. Dark elixir can also be obtained by raiding, but first you need to unlock it at the town level 7, and then again at the level 8. Once you have a lot of dark elixirs, you can use them for upgrading your hero class troop or dark elixir troop. You should be focusing on dark elixirs and your gold elixirs as you’ll likely exhaust all of them.

You will now have a hero who can do a lot of damage and aid you in raiding. Heroes are immortal, but they must regenerate if they get hurt enough. The Barbarian King hero and the Archer Queen hero are available.

Keep Your Spells Safe

Spells are expensive and can take a long time to make. It is better to save spells and not rush to use them. Clash of Clans will get more difficult as you play it. This will make it more important to use spells to defeat your enemies.

It is important that you only use your spells when absolutely necessary. It is a good idea for you to find out if a spell will give you the same amount or more. If a spell costs 20k resources, it is worth knowing if your enemy will give you 20k resources. While people are often too quick to draw their spells, if they’re smart enough, it will be saved for the big battles.

Although it isn’t a secret, the last thing I want to leave you with is the best way to win at this game. To play as much as you can. The best Clashers in the world will play the game almost every day. Although I don’t recommend it, the logic behind it is that you can improve your skills at Clash of Clans by practicing more. You can play for a few minutes or hours in the evening, but the end result is the same: the more you play, the better you’ll get.

This concludes our guide to the best Clash of Clans secrets. We hope it will help you defeat your enemies and attackers. This guide is still in development. We can still be friendly even though we might attack each other’s villages in the game. Clash of Clans is one of my favorite games. It’s the sense of community that grows as people share their tips, even if those tips are eventually used against them.

These tricks will help you get ahead, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. If you have any secrets you would like to share with the rest of us, leave a comment below. If you found this article helpful, please share it with Facebook and Twitter. I hope this article was enjoyable! We also have coverage for other Supercell games like Boom Beach or Hay Day.

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