The Most Addictive Android Games

Video games have a reputation for being highly addictive. When it comes to addictive games, though, mobile is in a class by itself. Mobile satta king games distill the most addictive aspects of modern gaming into an app that can be used anywhere. Read on to find out what these addicting qualities are and which Android games use them the most.

The Curvy Road

Crossy Road is simple and enjoyable, as are most mobile games. The goal of the game is to move your character through roadways while avoiding traffic and water pools. The game was a smash hit. Since 2014, it has received over 150 million downloads. After that, he landed a deal with Disney to create a sequel called Disney Crossy Road. The main difference between this game and others is that users can play as their favorite Disney characters! They have it all, from Buzz and Woody from Toy Story to Mickey and his pals.

However, psychologists explain that this is one of the reasons the game is so addicting, thus this has a darker tone than some might expect. Through nostalgia, Disney Crossy Road encourages users to form emotional bonds with the game. The game’s transformation into a Disney wonderland elicits warm sensations and subliminal enjoyment. Feelings created from people’s past experiences with Disney. The Halo Effect occurs when our perception of a product is affected by our own personal emotional attachment, in this case nostalgia. As a result, many hooked users are glued to their phones.

The game also uses a technique that plays on the human love of anticipation, according to The Mindful Gamer, a video game addiction treatment program. When we get an award, it gives us a fantastic sense of accomplishment. The emotion of anticipation, on the other hand, has been shown to provide more chemical stimulation. The user is constantly bombarded with a variety of difficulties. Iy also has the option of unlocking random characters, which adds to the tension and anticipation.

Mobile version of Call of Duty

Is precisely what it claims to be. The popular first-person shooter has been condensed into a smartphone game. Its introduction on Android was a huge hit, since it competed with some of the most popular mobile shooters like PUBG and Fortnite. Some of Call of Duty Mobile’s addictive aspects are also based on nostalgia. Since the console game was such a smash hit, the franchise couldn’t pass up the chance to re-capture some of their older fans on their way to work. Players couldn’t resist the impulse to duke it out online like they used to when ancient levels like Crash and Nuketown were introduced.

Call of Duty Mobile is guilty of introducing a loot box system, despite nostalgia playing a significant part in its addictive nature. You purchase said boxes through microtransactions, which contain goods of varying rarity and thus worth. The issue here is that it engages our brain’s reward system. These rewards can become incredibly addicting and are one of the main causes of video game addiction, so I’ll spare you the science lecture. It’s no wonder that the loot box method they used sparked a gambling debate, given the same reward mechanism has been linked to the development of gambling addictions.

Pokemon GO is a mobile game that allows you to capture

Taking the top spot on our list… Many of you may see a theme here, but the ever-relaxing Pokemon mobile experience takes the cake for the most addictive Android game. Since its introduction in 2016, Pokemon GO has amassed around 632 million downloads, making it the most downloaded mobile app in history. Throughout the years, there have been numerous incidents of accidents and trespassing related with persons hooked to the game. But what has piqued their interest? Pokemon GO’s major and most tempting addictive trait that it excels at is its ability to provide escapism.

Players can finally fulfill their childhood dream of being a real-life Pokemon trainer. Running about your neighborhood trying to “Catch ‘Em All” while resupplying on pokeballs at local pokestops. The globe was taken by storm by the immersive experience. But there was also a social side to the game. This one wasn’t as bad because it drew individuals together around a shared love of the game. People would meet up in person to locate rare Pokemon and be the best, rather than communicating over Discord or game chat.

The majority of persons who suffer from video game addiction use video games to escape from other problems in their lives. Whether it’s sadness, anxiety, bullying, or other adversity. When a video game addiction is detected, a significant part of the treatment is teaching them how to deal with emotions, bad thoughts, and desires in a healthy way rather than avoiding them. These bad feelings are avoided by addicted gamers, so when they do occur, they are far too overwhelming. They revert to the only coping mechanism they are familiar with: playing more video games. Later, I’ll go into how to deal with this.

Addiction to Video Games and How to Get Rid of It

As many of you may have heard, China has banned children under the age of 18 from playing video games. South Korea has taken steps to help the affected youth by launching video game addiction treatment camps. What does this signify for the Western world, however? The World Health Organization has declared video game addiction to be a mental health problem (WHO). Large healthcare organizations, such as the NHS, have used this information to develop treatment and preventative strategies.

Here are some effective video game addiction treatment options:


Cutting video games out of your life for an extended period of time is a crucial step. The advantages of doing so are critical to your recuperation. For starters, it provides some perspective to someone who is addicted to video games. It teaches children that there are things in life that are more pleasurable than computer games. Many gaming addicts have little recollection of life before their addiction. As a result, this can be a turning point in their lives. It permits the addicted areas of the brain to heal, according to clinical findings. The reward centers of our brain have been programmed to only get happiness from gaming as a result of lengthy hours of repetitive gaming. The brain can recover and significantly reduce addiction symptoms by taking a 90-day sabbatical. Detoxification is a scientifically validated way of addiction recovery that is commonly employed in in-patient treatment centers.


The goal is to teach the addict how to deal with their underlying bad ideas and feelings, which often lead to them playing video games. Fear, anger, anxiety, and despair are all proven to be numbed by video games, which is why so many people enjoy them as a pastime. Mindfulness is defined as becoming unconditionally aware of your thoughts and experiences in the current moment.

One of the most important aspects of mindfulness is learning to not judge any of your feelings, but rather to refocus your attention to your thoughts and body. This can be done through self-meditation or with the help of a guided audio instruction. Mindfulness allows a person to find their center in the midst of an emotional storm, allowing them to make more reasoned judgments rather than succumbing to their vice.

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