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ALS Logistic Solutions, comprehend the technical logistics requirements of the Pharmaceutical Sector, for instance, intricate regulatory and also the superior requirements of GDP. We help our clients from the Pharmaceutical Industry not just to obey the stipulations of authorities, but also to raise the security and productivity of its own procedures.

We examine that the client needs to supply optimum material flow options, offering turnkey jobs for Automatic High Bay warehouses by employing highly complex technology. Most firms have set our expertise to perform to create cost and innovative effective warehouse automation.

Automation through an automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) flourishes in applications where high quantities of stock transfer in-and-out of distribution surgeries. Maintaining Northwest haulage companies with ASRS means true, real-time data has been continued inventory (eliminating dependence on physical inventory reviews) and providing direct use of pharmaceutical services and products in all moments. ASRS raises throughput and also efficiency saves space and reduces construction prices.

The OSR Shuttle may be the best storage system for drugs and pricey articles. Services and products are kept safely in trays, containers, or cartons reducing costs and making the very most effective potential use of this distance available. All of this promises maximum throughput and network accessibility. Our OSR Shuttle solutions are modular, made out of laminated, shuttles and a controller system.

Even the OSR Shuttle covers all of the crucial procedures of this contemporary automatic warehouse such as consolidation, storage, buffering, handling, and picking of yields. The modular structure allows system expansion must be carried out incremental, and also the investment increased so.

The fully-automated “A” Length choosing machine manages rapid processing of orders that are complex. It ensures that the best potential productivity along with also an optimum substance flow. Medicines are filled to the merchandise stations and then mechanically split, gathered, and hauled in the arrangement container.

One of the benefits of this “A” framework, it supplies a significant decrease of manpower needed and also shortens order transit occasions with good precision, high reliability. For pharmaceutical vendors, this implies optimal employees use from the warehouse, reduced error rates, along with also a significantly improved functionality.

The Pharma Store can be definitely an advanced storage and picking procedure and can be very suitable for usage for pharmacies. With manageable investment outlays, that the Pharma Store overlooks a post range that requires manual processing.

With the maximum storage density in a tiny distance, scalable dimensions, and also a solid robot, the Pharma Store increases quality and efficacy also will be offering enough flexibility and performance to reply quickly to shifting requirements. Additionally, it meets industry-specific documentation requirements: batch monitoring, sequential number recording, expiry day.

ALS delivers paperless picking tech, from RF picking to Voice Picking, based upon the turnover charges and also the thing qualities to make sure that an exact order fulfillment from the manual picking places. Radio springs indicate that the guide, storage location and also picking volume, minimizing the period required for the picking.

RF picking boosts both the quality and efficiency to be able fulfill. The info offered by the RF notifies of the status of every purchase and the present stock level could be assessed at any moment.


Cold series is a crucial component within the pharmaceutical distribution chain as sensitive compounds need a special temperature controller while at storage and transit. We operate under strict GDP tips surrounding full temperature coverage from product receipt to delivery and storage to the end customer.

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